5 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Oh, how I relish in my weekly manicures finding so much joy by painting my fingernails pretty colors to match the seasons. Getting a manicure is even a social event, friends sit side-by-side marveling at each other’s nail choices, and they laugh, engage in conversation and relax. Why can’t the same be said for a pedicure? Usually at the pedicure chairs in a salon are women that came all alone, disgruntled that they have to face the music of getting a pedicure.

It’s no doubt our feet get a lot of grief. Our feet literally carry us for crying out loud! We squeeze our feet into too tight shoes; balance them on what mainly feel like toothpicks, i.e. stiletto heels, yet how many women really go in for their bi-weekly pedicures, as they should? It’s time to give our feet the same proper care and attention we give all other parts of our bodies.

Feel Good Feet Tips:

Wash & Dry: That sounds easy enough but the truth is a lot of people don’t spend enough time doing this. Make sure you wash your foot with antibacterial soap thoroughly, meaning between your toes too! Completely drying the foot is essential and yes- between your toes too! Use a towel to thoroughly dry your feet after washing.

Moisturize: A foot cream is ideal, but if you don’t have a lot of callus or foot problems use a gentle moisturizer that is fragrance-free. If you do have callus, dry, or even cracked skin there are many ultra-strength foot creams available on the market that can help cure your issues.

Powder Up: Not everyone may feel they need a foot powder, but a lot of people don’t realize they have sweaty feet. Sweaty feet can lead to bad odors, infections like athlete’s foot and irritations. Use a foot powder to keep your feet dry and fresh all day long.

Toenails: Whether you cut your toenails at home or go to the salon, there are precautions to always take. If you cut your toenails at home purchase a nail nipper that has a curved handle and sharp clipping edge. When going to a salon, make sure you choose one that sanitizes, cleans, and disinfects all of their tools and equipment.

Shoes: Ideally, you give your shoes an entire 24 hours to air out before wearing them again. Your shoes should never hurt you, so if you feel your shoes are tight, uncomfortable, or just not right- swap them out of your closet.

Photo by Priscilla Westra

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