A couple pictures from my Alaskan adventure…

I wanted to shared a couple pictures of my Alaska vacation with you guys. I had a great time and too many adventures to post on here without crashing the server. I’ll just post the best ones. I really love Seldovia, the town I stay in. The people were warm and nice. The town was gorgeous and serene. It’s quite the trip to get to Seldovia, but worth it once you arrived.

Pictures below…

My boyfriend’s mom, dad and sisters.

Wes’s dad cool grocery store (tourist love taking pictures and spending time in front of it)

Wes and me at the only bar in town, lol!

4th of July fun games

My boyfriend gutting his catch

Beautiful Seldovia bay

Getting out of our long hike

Amazing sunset…

The sledge

More fun 4th of July games

Thanks to my love for taking me to meet his town and the rest of his family! I had a blast.

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