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I’m a little bit behind this week on posting, selling, buying products and life in general. I’ve been working non-stop on building my web site and finding unique products for my store. Sadly, other areas of my life are a little neglected. Nevertheless, back to work and back to fashion. This is the look I love right now…

My favorite thing about this look is how chic it is without trying too hard. The shirt has the belt/bow cut at the waist, which can be flattering for different body types. I’m always trying to find styles that I can put together on 5 min or less and this look accomplish that. I tend to like things that are also comfy for been in a home office. I think that even on casual Friday you can wear this to work and not look too casual.


Designer’s info:

“Madison Marcus is a young, contemporary line that blends femininity with classic styles to create silhouettes that are unique and flattering. It is a fresh and edgy collection with a romantic point of view.”


I think this is going to become a favorite of mine. I saw the whole collection and love every piece of it.



IMAGE BY Ruelala

Author: Rose Wheeler

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