Back from Alaska and Love Scarlett!

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I’m back from my two weeks Alaska vacation. I met incredibly nice people and stay in a beautiful and quiet town called Seldovia. The plan was to get to know the town where my boyfriend comes from, but things change before we got there. We ended up going for a funeral for my boyfriend’s Grandpa, which produce a family reunion and we got to meet more relatives than we were expecting. It was a little bit stressful, but lots of fun at the same time. I’ll be posting some pictures later today. I wanted to do a feature on Alaskan fashion, but things were so fast paced with so much family that I was not able to interview or get pictures on fashion. We’re coming back next year and hopefully I’ll be able to score a feature out of it.
Now back to fashion, I was without a computer for those 2 weeks, so I was online for the past two days straight getting caught up with work and the world. As I was reading People, I found this beautiful images of Scarlett Johansson for the new Mango Fall/Winter 2009 campaign. I love Penelope Cruz in the past ads, but Scarlett looks amazing on these ones. I especially love the second look, she looks like she has legs for days!

I’ll be posting more frequently this week. I hope everyone have a nice day!

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[Photo Credit: People]

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