Accessories That Rock: Blooms Handmade From Vintage Fabrics

bpoetic6Not long ago, I suggested today’s accessory to my Facebook and Twitter followers and they loved it. So I decide to do a full post on it today.

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Back to my point, these beautiful handmade blooms are the perfect accessory. B.Poetic the Etsy shop that sells them, makes the blooms with vintage fabrics. Each piece comes with its own little poem tag and is hand-cut and constructed by them. Can they be any cuter?

They are a great addition to any wardrobe. They can give you a more feminine and romantic look for either work, going to an event or just brunch with the girls. You can add this gorgeous blooms to your shoes, jacket, on your hair or as a belt. Either way you use it, I’m pretty sure you will get lots of compliments with those lovely accessories.

bpoetic5Romantic Collar. A statement piece that adds drama to your outfit.


Big Bloom in Pink. Guaranteed to grab you some extra attention, you’re no wallflower.

bpoetic4Blue bloom creates a romantic look as a belt accessory.


Silk Shoe Clips in Blush. Very formal and chic!

bpoetic3You can find more blooms at B.Poetic Etsy Shop.

Happy Day!



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