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ChenZ Designs is a fresh looking fashion jewelry company. The jewelry designer, Chen Zucker, creates pieces made to both enhance your every day appearance as well as your evening event. Continue reading to learn more about the designer and her designs.

What makes your jewels unique?
In order to give my jewels a unique look, I use high-quality genuine leather cords in many colors, which also allows me to give my jewels a colorful and vibrant look. The combination of gold/silver plate metals with the wild look of leather is unique.

Why do you call your collection “multi-functional”?
I believe that jewelry has to be multi-functional, which means you can wear it almost anytime and anywhere. My jewels can be used with casual wear as well as with an elegant dress. In addition most of the wrapped bracelets can be used as necklaces, too.

When did you launch ChenZ Designs?
I have handcrafted items as a hobby since I was a teenager, but now that my children are grown I have more time for myself. So I started thinking how I could make the hobby I enjoy so much into a profession. Like in many other stories, it all began when I made jewels with charms for myself, and my friends were eager to have some as well. At first I gave them the jewels I created as presents and was very glad just to see them worn. After that, my friends asked me to make some more for their friends and it became a professional occupation.

3 years ago I opened ChenZ Designs handmade fashion jewelry.

You call your jewelry “statement pieces”, why do you say that?
I create “statement pieces” as I really believe that the jewelry you wear has to have  a special meaning and also be trendy. All my jewels are designed for those who not only care about the look of their deigns, but the meaning behind them as well. This is why you can find in every jewel a charm  for good luck or blessing. For example, the Hamsa which tradition states that the wearer is protected from envious stares, receives protection from all evil, and receives good luck, hearts for love and happiness, etc.

What is the most unique charm you have included on one of your bracelets?
Its quite hard to decide, but I think the Hamsa charms are very unique. In addition, every jewel combines my logo made with a flower shape. I would love to always have flowers around us.

Where can your pieces be found?
As I know that women love to have what they like “right now” and they are so busy, my jewels can be purchased via my website

Would you say any woman could wear your jewelry?
Definitely YES, I have  a varied collection!  Some jewels are delicate and feminine while others have a strong presence which says: “Here I am.'” As I make them all by myself, you can connect with me by e-mail and to ask for a special size as well.

What’s next for ChenZ Designs?
My main goal is to find more boutiques to carry my collection. I hope some of them reads this interview so they are welcome to contact me.

Currently my jewels are sold in the  USA, Canada, France, Germany, Swiss & Argentina. I keep personal service and communication with my customers which is very important to me.


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