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chilli beans la jolla store front
chilli beans la jolla shop
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Chilli Beans is a Brazilian brand that offers a large variety of eyewear and accessories at affordable prices. The brand launches 10 new styles every week of their own designs as well as designer collaborations. I love this because it makes your accessory very unique.


I had the pleasure of exploring my local Chilli Beans in La Jolla. I love that  the store is designed in the shape of a chili pepper and of course all the fabulous accessories and decor. My favorite part was trying on all kinds of sunglasses without having to ask anyone to open a display. It made the whole process much easier. The friendly manager, Maggie and her sales associate helped me pick out the perfect pair for me. The sunglasses go really great with my everyday style.

If you are local, I highly recommend that you pay them a visit and if not learn more about Chilli Beans on their website!

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