Coveted Shoes: Capped-Toe Ballet Flats

Capped-Toe Ballet Flats

The Shoes: Capped-Toe Ballet Flats from Shoes of Prey

Price: $180

Why I Love It: I love how these flats add tons of personality to any wardrobe.

Get to know Shoes of Prey owner, Jodie Fox with this mini Q/A:

Sequins or satin? Satin.

Flats or five inches? SIX inches!

Underdressed or overdressed? Both! But, if I had to choose between the two, always overdress.

Enormous bag or tiny tote? Enormous bag. it’s a styling thing. Accessorize, accessorize.

Your fashion mantra to the masses? Wear what you love and wear it like you mean it. Have fun and use it as your chance to express yourself to the world everyday!

If you could be one shoe, what would you be? Why? Really? Just ONE shoe? Well, today I would be a six inch Oxford (see the shoe in my signature). It’s cute, its deceptively comfortable, undeniably feminine and a fabulous statement that makes me feel brilliant when I walk out the door in them.

Thanks to Jodie of Shoes of Prey for sharing with us.

Happy Tuesday Shoes Day!

{photo by Shoes of Prey}

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