Dessert Love for MacarOn Café

MacarOn Café was established to pay homage to the delicate French confectionery, the macaron. Their shops have been recognized as the connoisseurs of this delicious French pastry, because of the wonderful variety of flavors from their master chef, Cecile Cannone.

I received a cute little box from MacarOn Café over the weekend. I was skeptical they were going to make it in one piece all the way from New York to extremely hot San Diego, but they arrived perfectly.

I’ve had tons of macarons all over the globe and these one are the best I’ve ever had. They were sparkly, moist and super delicious. I shared them with my husband and he loved them, too. I’m still numming on them with my coffee as I type this post.

If you’re thinking of ordering some, they are packed in a girly box with a bow and then carefully stored with several ice packs, and all of that was inside a larger box with a big FRAGILE label on the top. They arrived fresh and safely to my door. I had such a great experience that I’m definitely thinking of sending some to my friends and fam on special occasions.


*Macaron Cafe provided me with these macarons, but all opinions are my own.*

Author: Rose Wheeler

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