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andrea haynes

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea over Facebook. She is the owner of The Bubble Bistro a specialty bath and body boutique. This chic mama of three enjoys the entrepreneurship freedom. She loves the simple fact that her children have their mother available and accessible to them, yet still being able to pursue her personal dreams and ambitions. Get your favorite coffee and read on!

Tell me how and when everything started.
Spun from a personal hobby of making pampering body scrubs and indulgences, I discovered a problem that needed to be fixed. Problem: Too many overpriced, falsely advertised as natural, chemical filled products! And the products that are natural and/or organic were extremely unaffordable for those who deserve the pampering the most: everyday people: moms, dads, kids, teachers, seniors…ordinary people with ordinary incomes. Solution: The Bubble Bistro, an independently owned luxury bath and body maker with a simple concept: everybody deserves the “good stuff”. My husband pursued a career opportunity in the Virgin Islands, which took me out of my career. Instantly created was the opportunity to bring The Bubble Bistro into fruition in 2008. By spring ’09 the original St Croix store was open, and this summer our 2nd location is opening in Memphis, TN.

When did you first know that you wanted to be your own boss?
Somewhere around age 10/11 I knew I wanted to own my own business. I had no clue what I wanted to do, but knew I was crafty, artsy, bold, fearless, and kinda like a maverick. My first business, some may remember when this was in and I’ll be telling my age, was custom painting artscapes and scenes on denim jeans. Some were extreme iron-ons and others were “Andrea Exclusives” but earned a hella-lot of cash to be 12 that fall.

If you weren’t a business owner, what would you like to be doing? Easy, getting ready to own a business!

Tell us about your fabulous store and what products or serviced do you offered?
The Bubble Bistro is a concept, specialty bath and body boutique bringing to market Handmade Skin Food, prepared fresh and made from scratch infusing natural, locally grown, and exotic ingredients from all over the world, all at an affordable price yet excelling in quality to all things compared. A very personable shopping experience, we aim to know each and every customer on a 1st name basis, besides how many people can shower and say they know exactly by whom, when, where, and why the product they’re using was made and most importantly EXACTLY WHAT’S IN IT! Education is a key component because an informed consumer can completely change the game vs. these giant, chemical makers.

How would you describe your personal style?
Abstract and Unconforming. I love bold handcrafted jewelry; it makes an outfit speak. I’m a wide-leg, parachute pants kinda chic that’s not afraid of color and panache. I’m 6 ft tall without shoes, so pants are a BIG deal. The perfect leg widths and lengths will determine if I’m going to by 1 pair or 10 pair of the same style.

Are there any special projects you would like to work on?
Business Mentoring/Apprenticeships to Teenagers, Decreasing Carbon Footprints for the business, Education Grants, Local Collaborations and Joint Ventures.

andre haynes bubble bistro

Which magazines do you read? Which magazine is your favorite?
In regards to Mags, I’m strictly a foodie: My favorite is Cooking Light, always a great read, educational, and engaging

What do you do in your down time?
I love cooking, spending time with my family, and lastly something you would probably think I do all the time, but in my spare time, I love to go into my lab and create something just for me. It is the absolute hardest thing to accomplish because I always want to add it into the product line and share it with our customers.

What motivates you?
The perfect work-life balance! I’m purely motivated by the simple fact that my children have their mother available and accessible to them, yet still being able to pursue my personal dreams and ambitions without the constraints of “corporate America” or 9-5+ hours.

What’s next for you?
Stability and Controlled Expansion of The Bubble Bistro, then take one of my other business babies into incubation and development.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing her story! You can visit her Shop, Twitter and Facebook for more info.

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