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The Crass & Sugar brand is the creation of timeless beauty in jewelry and accessories. I interviewed Canadian designer Jill MacLeod the owner and creative voice behind this chic online shop. She uses sustainable materials that will last a lifetime so they can be treasured always. This online boutique is filled with designer jewelry from fashion cuffs to earrings. Read on!

1. How did you get into fashion? Tell me how and when everything started.
A few years ago I decided to make a big move to Australia. While I was there I searched endlessly for a job that suited my professional background as a Fine Artist and Marketer. There were very few jobs available, and even worse, jobs that sounded appealing to me. In my spare time I found myself immersed in art while surrounded by influential artist friends that were buzzing with creativity. My boyfriend who is a fabulous and talented fashion designer for men’s wear was very inspiring, and supportive. I have always had a love for textiles, and different mediums to create from as far as the mind could see. One thing lead to another, and I decided to combine my love for fashion, fine arts background and marketing to follow a pursuit of happiness. A dream, and ambition.

2. When did you first know that you wanted to be in fashion?
Following the last question, I couldn’t say I knew I wanted to be in fashion. I just knew my love for creativity could not be wasted.  There is nothing in the world that feels so joyful and empowering as to bring something from the imagination to life. And to adore the body with even more beauty creates a sense of happiness so energized with power it radiates from within.

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3. If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what would you like to be doing?
If I wasn’t in the industry I would be creating, creating, creating, and creating. I think having a purpose helps give my imagination and work some direction. Although, ideas never seem to slow down, and it is hard to stay focused sometimes, I hope they will never seize.

4. Tell us about your fabulous store and what products or serviced do you offered?
My online store Crass & Sugar is fairly new and been around just over a year. I am actually in the process of redesigning my storefront, so I am supper excited about it.  Hoping to have everything up and ready before the launch of a new collection expected in early 2011.  At the moment I currently sell 64 different pieces, from bracelets, to cuffs, and earrings. This will beexpanding in the near future with collection number 5.

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5. How would you describe your personal style?
This is one of the most difficult questions to answer, a sense of style to me speaks volumes about your personality your mood, and what you have to offer the world. There are so many beautiful accessories and garments that speak to me. To sum it up, I would say that it’s Beachy-Chic with a contemporary flare. I’m a city girl and artist by heart, but love the serene tropical blue ocean.

6. Who is your favorite designer?
Favorite designer… and the list goes on, but I would say that I ultimately have 2 – Balengiaga, and Alexander McQueen bless his heart.

7. If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work for? Why?
Honestly, working for myself is what I want to continue to do. I would be absolutely honored if anyone asked, but there is something to be said about setting out on a journey that fulfills your heart, and watching your dreams explode into reality.

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8. Are there any special projects you would like to work on?
I feel every new line I put forth is special to me. Lots of love and time is put into each piece. If I could I would love to do a collaboration with my partner (boyfriend).

9. What do you do in your down time?
That’s the thing, there is no such this as down time, but when I get a chance, my friends and family come first. And playing with my kitten is very special to me.

10. Which magazines do you read? Which magazine is your favorite?
Oh my absolute favorite magazine and one that every girl should have on her shelf is In Trend the Accessory edition.

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11. What do you see on stores that you think is really great?
Materials that are so decadently soft they make your heart fluttered, and contemporary shapes, and lines that silhouette the body beautifully. I am also humbly impressed with independent designers. There is so much talent, and imagination out there.

12. What motivates you?
Bringing my dreams to life. Watching them evolve and grow. It is broad to say, but I am influenced by the world around me.

13. What’s next for you?
As I mentioned in a previous question I am working hard on a new collection. I would like to one day branch out past jewelry, and venture back into the world of the accessory closet.

Thanks to Jill of Crass & Sugar for sharing her story. You can visit Crass & Sugar for more info.

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