Do what you love: Designer Layla Joy

Designer Layla Joy

Contributing writer Nadia interviews designer Layla Joy for Unik Apparel. Read on!

Designer Layla Joy has unveiled her first shoe collection and the launch of her company. Her line is “Fashion meets Comfort”, edginess and elegance that are also very wearable. Once I was introduced to LaylaJoy designs, I  immediately gravitated to her aesthetic and I had to interview her!

Your background in fashion sounds amazing.  As a world traveler which countries are you most influenced by?

I’d have to narrow it down to cities, and for me it’s New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong.  I love traveling to these larger cities and observing how people of different cultures interpret the fashion trends.

The fashion sense tends to be far more eclectic and people tailor fashion to suit their needs.  They’ll bridge fashion trends with their cultural and personal interests to make a fashion statement uniquely their own.

Who can resist a line that is “Fashion meets Comfort”, how would you describe your average customer? 

I’m making shoes for a woman who is not necessarily 20 years old.  She’s a confident – fashionable woman, a woman who is true to her own fashion sense.  She’s a woman (like me) who’s constantly on the go.

A LAYLAJOY woman can afford to spend more – but would prefer to spend it wisely (Quality vs. Quantity).  Most importantly, she a woman who enjoys fashion and Can’t Live Without Her Heels!

Which piece from your holiday collection is your favorite? 

Ooh so hard to say….  I Love them ALL!

I love your outlook on fashion, who are your fashion icons?

I absolutely love the fashion sense of – Carine Roitfeld, Desiree Rogers, Giovanna Battaglia.  In terms of other designers I adore Donna Karen, Michael Kors and Rick Owens; they dress women the best!

With the holiday season just around the corner, what are your number one tips for transforming your day time look to an after work holiday party?  Which shoe from your holiday collection fits this look the best?

I love the idea of pairing the Carmen High shaft boots with a shimmering jewel hued dress, worn beneath a well tailored blazer.  Comfort equals confidence, and confidence is always key.

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