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Tell me how and when everything started with your blog ?
InStyle With Stylebabe was an idea I had back in 2009, but I was too nervous to start anything regarding it. Mainly because it seemed like too much at the time to handle. But what made me jump back into it came from being an intern at a few blogging sites. I got really annoyed working as an intern and wanted to do more with my writing and ideas. I wanted to curve the system of fashion writing on my own terms, and that’s how it happened. In August 2010 I started the blog and added a few posts here and there, only adding new posts once or twice a month. I only updated it when I had the time, but some of the posts I wrote found a wider audience. So I thought why not add more posts so I did and slowly the numbers grew. Which was fun yet shocking. And that made me add new things almost everyday, it became my life and it still is. But I have to also thank my Twitter and Facebook followers for noticing each thing I post when I started .

When did you first know that you wanted to be your own boss?
This question popped up with a ton of memories. I used to work in fashion retail. Only seasonal work and sometimes ongoing. Yet it made me realize how unbelievably ugly the higher ups treated the sales associates. I got very upset at the things that I saw and the repetition bothered me as well. I felt belittled at times and didn’t want to deal with it anymore. It made think about going on my own yet I still wanted it to work, but I’ve always thought outside the box. And wanted to do something where I wouldn’t feel like that anymore. So moved into the region of fashion just on a different level.

In both Fashion Retail and Blogging/Social Media they’re both very different worlds. But there’s one similarity they hold: it depends on the company you work for and how they treat you. Being my own boss wasn’t something I always wanted to be it just happened. Literally I was always given the leadership roll even when I didn’t ask for it. Through out high school and even in Elementary I did things creatively different and made others wondered how? With social media/blogging I get to do that, plus I love ordering myself around (in positive way of course). It’s a career full of choices and opportunities I probably wouldn’t have gotten if I was doing the same routine in retail. Trust me I’m not dogging fashion retail down because they’re great companies that respect their employees. But they’re some that doesn’t, since being 21 I know that respecting others go a long way. So that made start doing what I always wanted to do. From fashion, social media, and writing it’s a bit of a roller coaster out there but I like that fashion boss feeling.

What makes your blog unique?
I think it’s a combination of creativity and pictures. I live for visuals and pictures/videos take me there creatively. I come up with ideas on a daily basis and it’s never the same. Every month I have new story ideas, so I have to write them down or I’ll forget. I don’t get them from the main things we see or do. Most of my fashion ideas come from relaxation not thinking to much about the daily issues. And then all of a sudden a new idea will pop in. But I think people flock to my blogs because I’m honest and I make great assumptions to anything fashion or dealing with style. It’s all in a picture and literally I go off that and add a funky caption to make it fun. Plus I like to talk about celebs and their looks as well. I’m big on trends and I have a closet full of them, so I based my whole wardrobe on trends alone. But there’s a range of things that make them unique and I like to keep them unpredictable if I can.

Are there any special projects you would like to work on?
There’s a lot of projects circling around that I’m really interested in. One is doing outfit posts I would love to find a great photographer and have them take those famous blogging poses. Another project I would love to get my trips included during fashion week. I would love to report the fashion hoopla this September in NYC. Then I’ll like to do fashion charities and organize a blog chat online in the months ahead. I want to discuss the world of blogging and what it’s like, playing with ideas and moments we face as a fashion bloggers. When I have the time I’ll like to work on those things. Because they mean a lot to me since I’ve been there so helping others would be great.

What do you do in your down time?
When I’m not working on twenty different things I usually enjoy hanging out with my family. My mom and sister are a lot of fun and my friends are great when I need the down time to relax. But I find most of my down time is given to music, mediation, and planning trips around the US. I love to travel and when your on planes or driving it’s a rush seeing a new city or eating at a new restaurant. Sometimes I get bored in one city so I find going on small or big trips help a lot. Since I’m a Floridan I adore the weather but it’s nice to fly from one coast to the next. I also enjoy  watching good movies and Omg shopping of course. I’m always looking and buying the latest something : ). And going to the beach also helps, there’s nothing like a beach breeze which I love so much.

What motivates you?
My motivation comes from three main sources. My mother she’s incredibly strong yet very funny which rubs off on me with what I do. Plus she’s always positive no matter what, I know she can pull  me away from any annoying issue and make me see the bigger picture. The next source: my viewers they motivate me to keep adding new ideas/new posts. I love to know that they care when I finished posting something new. It keeps me going when I see they liked or agreed with what I posted. Lastly my belief system: that helps me with what the world offers. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s how the world acts that’s annoying. But I have a great deal of faith and positivity in what I do everyday. I’m usually encouraged to move on if something bothers me and that’s what I do.  So with motivation it molds me in the things that I write and do. It goes way beyond anything I may have felt in the past which is always a plus.

What’s next for you?
I can see myself owning my own business in social media. I would like to open a social media firm and manage clients and include the blogging side as well. Would love to Expand my blog and add new things and help other bloggers do the same. I would also like to travel to other countries and get married. The whole nine yards : ) everything has it’s time so it’s a wait and see moment. But I wouldn’t mine starting a handbag line as well I’ve come with a few design ideas and would love to see that take off. I like branding and fashion marketing so getting a higher degree in that would be ideal. I’m young but I have a lot of ideas I want to see happen I believe there’s no limit in expanding.

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