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Love Is a Devil
Tell me how and when everything started.
Everything first started in 2002, when Alana and Sharie met while students at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Not only did we form a great friendship quickly, but also a great partnership, as we often teamed up together in every class we had. After graduation, life happened and our passion to create something together years before was still lingering.

Our first endeavor was an online denim store. The timing was off, as the economy took an unexpected turn. The business lingered in limbo, as we were left with the difficult decision of finishing the business through the end of the year. We decided to cut our losses sooner than later.

I (Alana) went to Europe for a month to gain inspiration, while Sharie stayed back in the states and designed some jewelry for herself. Sharie had always designed jewelry, but quietly, from a young age. When I returned home, Sharie shared her designs, and I was blown away with how brilliant, unique and fresh her designs were. Sharie taught me the basics of making jewelry, and we started to play, thinking nothing of it, and making fun pieces for ourselves.

When we started getting attention from our friends and from others while out and about, we quickly learned we may have another opportunity at our disposal. To take it to the test, we did our first shopping event in LA in December of 2010. We sold out on almost every piece and we had tons of interest from bloggers and magazine stylists. We didn’t even have our name yet, “Love Is A Devil.” I still remember when we were brainstorming about it; Sharie had a bunch of ideas written down on paper, and in the corner, was the name written really small. Sharie is also an avid history buff, and a huge lover of Shakespeare.

The name is from a Shakespearean sonnet that stuck with her. I instantly was a fan. We both loved the juxtaposition and play of words. It defined everything about the line. Our designs are a compilation of both our styles. Sharie being the more sophisticated, classic, J. Crew type girl with a fun twist, while I’m eclectic, a bit edgy, and always strive to be effortlessly chic. Infuse both of our styles together, and you get fun, classic pieces with interesting details and an edgy element. The rest is history and the journey has been amazing!!

When did you first know that you wanted to be a business owner?
Alana: I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very young age. When I was in 4th grade, I would sell candy to kids in the neighborhood in my garage. I would let my inspiration run wild and pretended I owned a store.

My second love was fashion. I remember playing with bed sheets and turning them into dresses, and I would put on a fashion show. When I grew older, the two loves collided and becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry was just a natural fit.

Sharie: I have always played business from a young age. While others played school, I played business. Weird, but true. I was always fascinated with my grandfathers’ business as a child which planted the seed in my head that I, too could own and operate a business. With unwavering support from my family and my husband, I have the foundation of support to start a business and the encouragement to drive forward and succeed.

Success has always been the ultimate goal and is one that I intend on achieving with Alana Crain as my business partner. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Where do you get your inspiration for your shop?
We get our inspirations from everyday life. First, we try to design pieces that suit our lifestyles and what we love to wear. Typically, we usually start and base a collection off a photo we might find. We both love finding great photography, from landscapes to high fashion shoots. Each seasonal collection we produce is a different story.

We love choosing and combining great color palettes that are on trend for that season. We wouldn’t say that our jewelry is trendy, but we definitely might pull something from a current trend. We always put our unique design aesthetic in the forefront of our minds, always trying to fine that perfect balance of sophistication and edge. We love using juxtaposition of colors and textures, because it always makes it more interesting.

What advice would you give someone considering a similar path?
When the tough gets going, don’t give up! It’s hard work, but with hard work comes a big payoff at the end. You rarely hear of overnight success stories, every successful designer or entrepreneur has a story, and it usually starts with humble beginnings. Everyone has to start from somewhere. The ones that can stand the test of time with their success didn’t get there without shedding a little sweat and tears.

All the good and the bad is part of the journey and your story. The second most important thing is to love what you do, because if you don’t believe in it first, why should anyone else?
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What makes your shop unique?
What make our online store and line unique are our pieces. We strive to create jewelry that is wearable, beautiful and captivating. Our pieces are very unique and wearable and appeal to women from all walks of life. We like our small company and intend on keeping it intimate by not mass-producing and designing jewelry that captivates customers.

Our online store offers collections that are exclusive to us and are made in very limited quantities. For example, our Limited Collection is a higher price point with more intricate craftsmanship and edgier designs. We typically make only one of these. Our LD Exclusives are designs that are only available via our website.

How would you describe your personal style?
Alana: I am very eclectic and my style changes often. I get bored very easily. I love taking older pieces in my closet and seeing how I can cut it up into something new. I don’t like to follow trends, but definitely take inspiration from them and make them my own. I’m not afraid to try something new, yet I’m still subdued with my style, never over the top. I definitely love to edge things up and make things interesting in my own personal way, yet still looking effortless and chic.

Sharie: I have a simple, but classic style. With two kids and two dogs I need to be able to function in my clothing but I also want to look presentable. I love clean, classic lines but I also love to punch up the outfit with something unexpected when I can. I love color and simplicity…and I also love spice which is where accessories come into play. I will always be drawn to classics…always.
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What’s next for your company?
Right now, our main focus is our women’s jewelry line and creating brand awareness. We definitely would love to expand in handbags and shoes in the coming years. We have an unbridled passion about our company and want to expand and take on the world. This is what we do, this is what we love and this is what we are excited about.

Thanks to Alana & Sharie of Love Is A Devil for sharing their story. You can visit for more info!

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