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Tell me how and when everything started.
Paige California began in the spring of 2012 with the inspiration of creating a luxury silk line that combined my love of vintage aesthetic with modern, effortless chic silhouettes that are sumptuous to wear from breakfast on the patio to cocktails and dinner on the terrace.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a business owner?
I have been a business owner of sorts ever since I was a young girl selling soda to customers at my family’s auction house! I come from a multi-generation family of entrepreneurs and adore that I have the freedom and opportunity to pursue ideas and visions for which I have a raging passion.


Where do you get your inspiration for your collection?
Inspiration is all around me! It’s in the people I meet, the stories they tell me, the places I travel –love, love, love the California coast and can’t live without summer in Italy, the music I listen to—Pink Martini and Nina Simone are favorites, films, food…it is simply in the air. The inspiration behind this collection came from my love of vintage Hollywood glamour meets Palm Desert circa 1968 meets the heart stopping gorgeous island of Capri. All figure prominently in my life and reinforce my desire for casual elegance.

What advice would you give someone considering a similar path?
Advice that I would give to another considering creating a fashion line is do it because you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else!


What makes your collection unique?
Every aspect of Paige California is designed, including fabric design and pattern making, to hand cutting and sewing, in California. We create signature pieces made from 100% silk, with tremendous attention paid to the fine details that make every single garment a work of fine craftsmanship. By definition, this collection is sensuous to wear while epitomizing bohemian glamour.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is best described as modern femininity. I am definitely a caftan and lipstick first thing in the morning girl!


What’s next for your company?
Next up for Paige California is to design a curated line of accessories that are evocative and timeless!

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