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Tell me how and when everything started.
I was working in the corporate world in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. I had been in that industry for about 14 years. One common theme I saw with all of my clients was that they were so successful in their industry, but when it came to marketing, they didn’t know how to successfully market their business. I had been putting on large events for a women’s group I founded, Elite Networking, and came up with the idea to film and photograph these events for clients to use on their website for promotion. I have always had a passion for journalism, and loved all the entertainment shows like E! News that go inside a celebrity’s world and show you what products they use or what workouts they are doing.

I thought, why can’t we do something like that but be business focused on all the great local businesses we have in San Diego. I used a few of my clients as a guinea pig and we took you inside their world and tried their products and services on camera. We produced a fun hip marketing video for the client to use but with an interview style! People really took to it because it was different than anything they had seen before for marketing their business.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a business owner?
I always knew I wanted to own a business and be an entrepreneur. I have never been much of a follower and had always had a leadership quality ingrained in me from a young age. My father and his family owned everything from bars, restaurants, hotels, and concrete plants when I was growing up. I saw the family run a business and I thought it was exciting. I worked from a young age and learned to earn everything on my own. I started as a babysitter, then moved on to the restaurant industry starting as a kitchen prep girl and hostess, then working my way up to a waitress then a manager.

I liked learning every aspect of the business then how to multi-task to get things done. I also worked in retail because of my love for fashion but quickly realized I spent every dime I made on the clothes before I even got my paycheck. After working in sales and marketing for 14 years I knew I wanted to branch out on my own and do something I was passionate about, so I started The Pulse and never looked back!

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Where do you get your inspiration for your business?
My inspiration for the Pulse came from my love of San Diego and all the amazing local business we have here. I always loved asking questions and finding out what makes people tick and how they got started in their industry. I love E! News and the shows that take you inside a celebrities workout or favorite bar and restaurant. I really wanted to take that concept and turn it into something we could use on a local level to spotlight companies here in San Diego.

We came up with the idea to offer 3 different packages for businesses to market themselves. We offer a spotlight package where we come on site interview the owner of the business, then try the products and services on camera. We also get testimonials from their vendors or clients. We then give them a final marketing video and photos for them to use in any marketing capacity.

The 2nd package is a Red Carpet Media Package. This is tailored to a company that is hosting a grand opening, launch party, fashion show, gala. Something on a larger scale that they really want coverage of. We come out as Media for hire and work one on one with the client to create a buzz for the event, interview the sponsors, owners, or hosts of the night, and capture the essence and fun of the event on camera, so the client has this to use for marketing. We can also live stream the event on the client’s website or Facebook page which is incredible exposure for the client.

Our final package is our web show Live With Cindy that airs once a month on Livestream and Facebook. We have 3 local businesses come in the studio where we interview them and get their story, then go on location to their business to try their products and services on camera, edit and put the entire episode together and promote the local businesses on all social media outlets. We offer a promo code and exclusive discounts to our subscribers and viewers. When we air the episode, we have a chat screen where the business owner can interact with the viewers tuning in and get even more exposure. It is a fun, hip way to promote yourself and let’s face it, social media is the new PR.

What advice would you give someone considering a similar path?
The advise I would give someone following a similar path would be to dream big and always believe in yourself! People will try and tell you that your idea won’t work or that things aren’t possible, but you have to go with your gut and really keep your goals in sight. When you get knocked down, you have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Sometimes when you fail at something, it makes you stronger, and better than before. If you don’t take a risk, you will never know what you are capable of. When we started The Pulse 2 years ago, no one knew who we were. We got turned down for several things and we just kept moving forward. It took us a good year to build a name for ourselves and it wasn’t always easy but at the end of the day I believed in what we were doing and in my heart I knew it was what I was meant to be doing. Trust your gut it is always right on! And write your goals down so you have something to work towards each day!

What makes your business unique?
What makes our business unique is that we are not just a video marketing company. We have an interview style which sets us apart from other companies. We are also media for hire so we are media coverage but the best kind because we work for the client. Traditional media shows up when they can depending on breaking news stories, then you can’t tell them what to do or who to interview. With us we work with the client on every aspect of the event, then give them a copy of the final work we produce and it is theirs forever to keep.

We are not a traditional video marketing company because we sit down and have a conversation with the client on camera with a tailored set of questions. We are able to resonate with the audience because we are asking the client questions about his or her business that a potential client might want to know. It gives that client a marketing edge and credibility with a third party involved. No one else is doing this in San Diego.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is probably a mix of bohemian chic with a rocker edge. I love girly dresses, sequins, and old hollywood glamour, but I also love a great pair of leather pants, spiky jackets, and fun rocker boots. I love my Rag & Bone newbury boots and my J Brand Leather Skinnies. I would say shoes make the outfit so I normally start with my shoes, then build my wardrobe from there. I am obsessed with Brian Atwood and love his shoes. I also love my Louboutins, and my Jimmy choos.

I do like to mix and match high and low end labels. I love to go to Off 5th and TJ Maxx to get some great finds I can work into my closet. I am currently loving Karen Millen dresses from the UK! The fit is fabulous. I am also wearing a ton of Ted Baker right now. These are reasonable dresses but the quality is there 100%. For couture I am loving Michael Costello from Project Runway Season 8. He just made me a custom canary gown that is stunning!

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What’s next for your company?
I want The Pulse to be the Media Source of San Diego and really let people know what is going on in their city! We are working on several projects. My favorite project I am working on is producing a show all about Fashion in San Diego. It is going to be phenomenal. Without giving too much away we will be bringing you everything from street style to the latest San Diego fashion trends. It is going to be ground breaking! Stay tuned!

Thanks to Cindy for sharing her story. To learn more about Cindy & The Pulse, visit her websiteFacebook, and Twitter

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