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Tell me how and when everything started.
I never grew up wanting to be a poet or famous author, I just always knew that I was born with creative talents to write what I see and how I felt. Whether it was a poem, letter to a friend, short story, or homework assignment, I always found pleasure in wordplay and painting a story with my words.

In 2010, I was working for an event production company here in San Diego and got bored of the work I was doing and birthed the idea of The Write Fit. The Write Fit came from my idea to start a branding company, Writeous by JT, which provided creative expressions through greeting cards and graphic t-shirts.

As a lover of cool words and chic fashion, I decided to first create a line of shirts that were unique and could relate to and inspire the lives of people around the world: We Write What You Live. I began to brainstorm ideas for the t-shirts and I started to come up with witty sayings and phrases. I didn’t want to just put those words on a t-shirt. I wanted the line to tell a story of life, and I wanted my t-shirts to represent lifestyles of individuals everywhere. I divided the line up into themes/categories so that I could identify and organize my ideas by life categories.

Throughout the brainstorming process, I started to research t-shirt brands, looks, how I wanted my website designed, pricing, etc. I literally kept a notebook with me and was always outlining what The Write Fit was all about. 2 years later on June 28, 2013, my vision became reality.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a business owner?
Since I was a kid, I knew that whatever career path I took I would be a leader. I always set goals, work hard, and aimed my success towards being the boss. Having a background in stage production, I was trained to problem solve, take initiative, and be a team player by setting an example. I used to find myself studying the role of business owners I worked for, and I felt like that can and will be me one day.

Where do you get your inspiration for your collection?
My inspiration comes from life. I’m always people watching. I’m always thinking. Many of my ideas for my collection come from conversations with friends, my personal experiences, listening to random conversations with strangers, or sometimes just me lying in bed at night. Whenever I get an idea I write it down. I now understand how creative people might be afraid of their own mind. Creativity is such a powerful thing. I think it’s something that you are just born with.

What advice would you give someone considering a similar path?
If you want to do something in life, anything, you have to first believe in yourself. The more you believe in you, the more others will have no other choice but to believe in you. I am learning as I go, and what helped me get here was research and talking to people. I envisioned everything in detail about my company. I wrote it down and committed to it so that when it was time to talk business with anyone, I could convey exactly what The Write Fit was about and exactly what I wanted. I sacrificed my time and money for my company. There will be times when you might feel like “Will this ever happen,” and that is when you have to push harder and see the bigger picture. It takes money to start, keep, and run a successful business. Learn to use your pennies before you ask someone for a dollar. And the most important piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

And the most important piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

What makes your collection unique?
What makes The Write Fit unique is the fact that it’s separated into eccentric themes to fit the lifestyles of people across the world. It’s a one-stop shop for different people, with different lifestyles, backgrounds, interests. I wanted to create a line that would be appealing to a family: mom, dad, kid, grandma…even the dorky next-door neighbor!

How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as chic, fun, and free. I get a lot of my style from my grandma. She always taught me to be fearless in my style and own it! She introduced me to thrift stores and I’ve been in love ever since. I don’t think you have to buy expensive things to be stylish. I can make a $20.00 outfit look like it cost $200.00. I think when it comes to style confidence is the main ingredient!

What’s next for your company?
What I see next for my company is growth. In just one month, I have introduced The Write Fit to 3 different retail markets. I want to see this grow and place The Write Fit in several salons and boutiques all over. I would like to grow creatively, introducing a kid’s line and continuing to expand upon the themes I have established within The Write Fit. It’s hard to say what’s really the next step for The Write Fit because sky’s the limit…

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