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Vanessa Kuo

Smashion is a social fashion site that features a free marketplace connecting buyers and sellers with a passion for fashion I interviewed Smashion’s Marketing Director Vanessa Kuo to learn more about Smashion and the growing popularity of the site!

1. How did you get into fashion? Tell me how and when everything started.
I first became interested in fashion in high school and I devoured fashion magazines any chance I got. At that time, I never thought I’d work for a fashion company though. It wasn’t until grad school when I interned for a company that planned shopping events for fashion-focused shoppers and had to deal with fashion designers on a daily basis, that I realized I really enjoyed working within the industry. Then I just sort of fell into Smashion.

2. When did you first know that you wanted to be in fashion?
Before I graduated from grad school, I started looking for jobs that were fashion-related. I knew that I couldn’t draw or design to save my life, so I applied for fashion marketing jobs. Smashion brought my two loves together – business and fashion.

3. If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what would you like to be doing? I’d probably be in advertising.

4. Tell us about your fabulous store and what products or services do you offered?
Well, Smashion isn’t a store – it’s a no-fees fashion marketplace and community that connects sellers and buyers with a passion for fashion. We’re different from other fashion marketplaces in that we don’t charge our sellers or buyers any types of fees and we allow everyone to leave their listings up indefinitely. The site is our response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace where fashion-conscious individuals can make the best use of their wardrobe. We want to help fashionistas recycle preloved items.

smashion logo

5. How would you describe your personal style? Classic and feminine.

6. Who is your favorite designer? Love, love Vivienne Tam.

7. If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work for? Why?
Definitely Vivienne Tam. As an Asian-American, I appreciate that she uses Eastern inspirations as a muse when creating her clothing.

Floral dress by littledustprincess

8. Are there any special projects you would like to work on?
I’d love to have the opportunity to help her market and further establish her brand identity in the US. Heck, I’ll settle for answering her phone just so I can work for her.

9. What do you do in your down time?
I try to catch up with all the fashion blogs I have in my Google Reader, but it’s almost impossible. I follow over 200 bloggers and they’re all so good at updating!

10. Which magazines do you read? Which magazine is your favorite? Love Marie Claire!

modern cut grey classy corset dress

11. What do you see on stores that you think is really great?
Lace! I love how utterly feminine it can make an outfit.

12. What motivates you?
The feeling that I’m working towards a bigger goal. Take Smashion. I really believe in our cause of helping people find new homes for their preloved fashion items and this motivates me to give my all to this job.

13. What’s next for you?
Anything’s possible! Who knows…

Thanks to Vanessa Kuo for sharing her story. You can visit Smashion for more info.

Images by Smashion

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