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Brittney Levine

Tell me how and when everything started, when did you officially become a 
Style and Trend Expert?
I always knew I wanted to get involved in the fashion industry and have 
always been enamored by television, the lights, basically everything that 
went along with it (much of what I didn’t know). I began my fashion career 
by interning at several prominent PR firms and literally taking every 
chance I could to be a part of fashion/beauty segments. I tried to take in 
as much information as possible the correct way to write segments, 
modeling the actual clothes on TV, carrying the actual products to 
television studios across the city – I did whatever I could do to get 
involved. I also took advice from one of the top Beauty Experts in the 
city today and really looked to her as a role model.

My first segment was a natural transition as one of the experts I was 
pitching to host ended up not being able to make it and instead of losing 
the piece, I told the producer that I could definitely step in for her. 
She knew I had prior experience not exactly sure of what that prior 
experience was, but she took a chance on me.

The piece went great- a little rocky here and there, but I had definitely 
gotten the “bug” and wanted to continue doing more.

When did you first know that you wanted to be your own boss?
I act as my fashion and lifestyle publicity firms, Wunderlich Inc.’s, In 
House Style & Trend Expert (say that all in one breath), so I contribute 
everything I can to my team when it comes to my putting clients on air and 
booking different segments across the country.

I like the fact that I can brainstorm with my team on different segment 
topics yet still am able to write my own pitches and communicate to 
producers accordingly.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I get to meet and talk to new people every day. Our entire 
business is about relationships and the fact that I consider some of the 
producers I’ve worked with good friends now, says so much.

I also really enjoy working with publicists and new brands across the 
industry. Many people look to “our world” as uber-competitive, yet it is 
really about helping people and their individual clients grow and prosper. 
The satisfaction of hearing how many items sold or that a website’s traffic 
peaked after talking about a product on TV, is extremely gratifying. I 
strongly believe in paying it forward and the importance of relationships 
with real people vs. the fakes ones in my daily lifestyle.

What is your most memorable experience thus far as a Style and Trend Expert?
To be honest, the most memorable experience that I had thus far as a Style 
& Trend Expert wasn’t when I was on TV or working with a particular 
network. I had just returned from shooting a segment that I had been 
working on landing for a very long time, and upon entering my office, my 
desk was filled with balloons, candles, flowers and a beautiful card.

The fact that my work colleagues spent time to put together all these nice 
things on my desk meant a lot and it was definitely a time that I will never 

What do you do in your down time?
I have the most amazing friends and family that I really enjoy spending my 
down time with. Whether it’s brunch, a night out dancing or watching a 
movie, we’re always laughing! They are beyond supportive with everything 
I’m doing, but the fact that they aren’t directly involved with work 
definitely helps. I also love to read — I’ve been an avid reader since I 
was a little girl. I enjoy as well working out and doing yoga. Sports are also right up there. I’m a die-hard New York Jets, Mets and Knicks fan.

What motivates you?
I grew up in a family of very hard working entrepreneurs that know the 
meaning of real work. I was taught that if you don’t put the time, nothing would come of it. They definitely encourage me every day to keep 

I also really look up to my colleagues and the incredible Style & Trend 
Experts in our business that motivates me to want to be better. I admire 
their different relatable personalities and how they started in the 

What’s next for you?
What’s so amazing (and sometimes disconcerting) about my job is the fact 
that I never know what’s going to come next. Sometimes segments are booked 
less than a week beforehand and when I travel I try to line one up in each 

I definitely have some personal goals that I’m hoping to achieve in the 
next few months but overall I’m just trying to enjoy the process, grow and 
improve and see what comes up along the way!

Thanks to Brittney for sharing her story. You can visit her website for more info!

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