Fashion Week San Diego Designer Spotlight: Andre Soriano

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Andre Soriano channels the high fashion and high art with influences from cosmopolitan cities worldwide such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo. Soriano only selects the best luxurious fabrics on the market such as satin, velvet, chiffon, cashmere, knits and the crochet with bread-work materials that come from Asia and Europe. His vision and fashion interpretation is inspired by old Hollywood glamour for today’s women and men in mind. He is a veteran designer in San Diego and we are excited for you to view his never-before-seen Spring 2013 collection. Read on!

How did you decide to pursue fashion as a career?
As I was growing up, my family exposed us to theater, arts and fashion. When we migrated to United States of America, I took more attention to women. I started paying attention with what women love, and in high school, started dressing them up. Through practice, research and education, I chose to be a Fashion Designer at the age of 16. I swear my mom, my inspiration, was thinking of Vogue magazine when I was being made. So I just blossomed and pursued being an artist and a Fashion Designer.

What do you absolutely love about being a Fashion Designer?
I love the art of creativity that goes with it, especially when women that I dressed up feel glamorous, chic, elegant and luxurious… like a living work of art through my creations. It’s rewarding, humbling and uplifting.

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How does San Diego inspire your designs?
The people, the history, the architecture, the landscape and the culture, and one more thing, the fabulous beaches and awesome weather…and last, but not the least, the hot boys…hehehe

What’s the philosophy of your brand?
It’s all about… Peace, Love, Glamour & Fashion!!!

What about Fashion Week San Diego are you most excited about?
I am very excited having to share my work of art, creativity, and freedom of expression to everyone.

To learn more about Andre Soriano, visit his website Facebook. and Twitter! See his Spring 2013 collection on the Fashion Week San Diego Runway.

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