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How did you decide to pursue fashion as a career?
Ever since I was a little girl I loved fashion. I loved dress-up, costumes and making clothes and jewelry. It was not until I was working in the industry that I realized the possibility of making fashion a career wasonly a choice, a way… and a choice I wanted to make. My passion for fashion, clothing, and jewelry was apparent when I worked at a vintage store in Cincinnati and would spend my time off, reading, studying, and designing jewelry. I started my own business making and selling jewelry, I then took it a step further and found the best school to study Jewelry Design at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. I graduated in 2006 and now proudly call San Diego home.

What do you absolutely love about being a fashion designer?
I absolutely love being a designer because I get to do what I LOVE. My passion for designing jewelry is something that once I discovered, I never have been able to stop. Being a designer allows me to fulfill that passion and live my dream of creating and designing the art that I want to bring into the world. Being a designer allows me to express myself through my designs, and constantly challenge my creativity. Designing also allows me to study the history behind fashion, explore current trends, and live fashion! I could not dream of doing anything else!erin fader design 1

How does San Diego inspire your designs?
The natural environment and beauty, as well as the people of San Diego highly inspire my work. At the core of my designs is the fact that I want to make a lighter impact on the environment and I do so by the way my jewelry is produced. By repurposing vintage items, I am able to make designer quality pieces avoiding some of the harmful practices that go into other jewelry brands so that people can make a decision to wear highly fashionable jewelry that also incorporates a love and respect for the environment. There are many passionate people within the community of San Diego who truly respect and care for our environment and ocean. Being in such a community inspires me to find better ways and practices of how to create my jewelry and run my business everyday.

What’s the philosophy of your brand?
The philosophy behind Erin Fader Jewelry Design is to create high quality unique jewelry that connects the past with the present and incorporates a love and respect for the environment. Each design from the Erin Fader Jewelry Collection has a history and story of it’s own. Each treasure began as vintage; therefore resulting in limited edition and one-of-a-kind creations, and has been combined with quality craftsmanship to ensure a piece of jewelry that is sure to last. We believe at Erin Fader that there is so much beauty and quality that comes from the past and we want to share this beauty and history with future generations.

What about Fashion Week San Diego are you most excited about?
The thing that excites me the most about Fashion Week San Diego is that I am finally launching the collection I have dreamed of creating since I started designing jewelry!  The line of jewelry that I currently sell, Trashy Chic, which is a lower end line of recycled jewelry is what I have dedicated myself to for the past 5 years, and I am thrilled to be launching my first designer jewelry collection with Fashion Week.  I am also excited to be apart of such an amazing group of designers and to be given the opportunity to show San Diego and the rest of the country what talent San Diego has to showcase.  I can’t wait to prove to the fashion world that San Diego can stand on it’s own!

To learn more about Erin Fader, visit her websiteFacebook, and Twitter! See her Spring 2013 collection on the Fashion Week San Diego Runway.

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