Fashion Week San Diego Designer Spotlight: Kenneth Barlis

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Kenneth Barlis |

What does fashion mean to you?
Kenneth Barlis: Fashion is the extension of my soul. This is the mirror of how my emotions expresses my creativity by showing the honest emotion in every art it creates.

How did you decide to pursue fashion as a career?
I decided to pursue Fashion as a career when my first ever design wedding dress got sold.

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What’s the philosophy of your brand?
The philosophy of my brand is simply creating the one of a kind garment with the exquisite attention of Elegance and luxury.

What do you absolutely love about being a fashion designer?
What I love about being a fashion designer is the ability to inspire others. It also gives the wearer that confidence and elegance in every design I created.

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How does San Diego inspire your designs?
San Diego inspires my designs by it’s people and the multi culture we embrace.  And this always have the most influence for every collection I created.

What about Fashion Week San Diego are you most excited about?
Personally, one of the most exciting things about FWSD is to reconnect with my fellow designer friends and to share our common interest to inspire others. This is also the time where all of us will showcase our talent and will create new possibilities to be different from each other.

To learn more about Kenneth Barlis, visit his websiteFacebook Page, and Twitter! See his Spring 2013 collection on the Fashion Week San Diego Runway.

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