Happy Weekend!

weekend fun

The weekend is here and I’m getting ready to watch the Superbowl with as much junk food as possible and covered NY Fashion Week next week. But my favorite thing to do on weekends is to catch up on my reading with a big cup of coffee and a yummy treat. I dream about this all week and I read from books to blogs, magazines, fashion news, funny stories and everything in between.  So today and from now on every weekend, I’ll be sharing with you my weekend links. Grab your latte or mimosas and let’s get to it.

That’s it for me guys. See you back here on Monday!

Take care!


IMAGES BY we heart it & The Cupcake Mint

P.S. I’m doing daily updates on my new shoe blog on tumblr of all kind of gorgeous shoes I find on my internet adventures. Check it out at http://shoegaldiary.tumblr.com

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