How to Know What to Wear on the TV News

This is a guest post by camera ready gal Nadia Murdock. Nadia does tons of TV appearances to promo her fitness coaching business, so I asked her to share her best tips with me. Say hello to Nadia and read on!

While on-air viewers will largely be focused on what the TV guest will be sharing with audience members and not so much on the attire. This does not mean you shouldn’t look the part, having a clean and polished look on-air will help viewers take you seriously. Looking the part and knowing your audience is a sure-fire way to pull off a successful TV interview.

Look the Part

It’s important that the audience pays attention to the messaging, so steer clear from distracting accessories such as dangling earrings and flashy jewelry. Men should avoid suits with pinstripes or small intricate designs. Ideal color selections include cool blues and natural tones that tend to work for all skin tones. Colors to avoid include red, hot pink, orange, yellow purple and green. Select garments that are properly sized, clothing that is either too big or too small gives the appearance of someone that is not well put together.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience will largely depict the appropriate apparel to wear on-air. Do a bit of research beforehand by examining the attire of previous guests. This will offer a good indication on what will work for that specific outlet. When there is uncertainty stick to more traditional pieces in cool tones. Avoid bright white since this color tends to dominate the screen and appear neon on camera.

Remember that media opportunities are super last minute, especially in broadcast television, you should put together a TV wardrobe as soon as possible. That way you’ll be ready when you get the call.

Photo Credit: Olu Eletu

Author: Nadia Murdock

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