How to Style a Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress

cowl neck sweater dress
A sweater dress is a great addition to your winter wardrobe, not to mention the fact that it is in its own right a great staple piece. Although sweater dresses come in a lot of different styles and colors, a cowl sweater dress will lighten your look from the gloom of winter and draw attention to your face frame. However, styling a cowl sweater dress is not necessarily as easy as it is to pick one off of the hangers in a department store. Making the right choices whether you are wearing your cowl sweater dress to dinner or the office can make all the difference.

Choose Your Statement Piece
When choosing your cowl sweater dress, it is important to consider what would pair best with your figure. Of course, choosing a solid color cowl sweater dress is easiest no matter what body shape you have. The key here is to choose a color that flatters your skin tone. However, if you were to choose a patterned cowl sweater dress, bold patterns like block stripes look best on petite or tall and slim women, whereas a floral or more intricate print would look better on a curvy, rounded body type.

Consider Necklines and Sleeves
A cowl sweater dress has a very versatile neckline. Using the extra fold of material to your advantage is something to consider. Try pulling your cowl sweater dress off to one shoulder, or both shoulders if you are feeling a more sultry, sexy look. You can also choose to wear your cowl sweater dress slouchy in the front. In addition to the neckline, also consider sleeves. Look at the material and see what would be most flattering against your skin.

Add a Belt
Often times, a cowl sweater dress already has a belt attached to it. But, in case the statement piece you have chosen does not come with a belt, choosing to style your cowl sweater dress with a belt is a great idea. The best belt to choose would be something that sits firmly on the top of your waistline. Try a thin, leather piece with a funky clasp for a touch of class. This will also help to flatter your figure, no matter the shape.

Warm up With Leggings
In the midst of Autumn’s chill, adding leggings to your cowl sweater dress look will not only keep you warm, but spice up your overall outfit. For a solid colored cowl sweater dress, choose leggings with a pattern or a more unconventional material. For a patterned cowl sweater dress, go with leggings that are more simplistic, and less flashy. You don’t want to overwhelm your look with too many patterns and styles in one. Choose your footwear from here on out.

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