Inspired by a Glam Living Room

Today, I’m really excited to share with you all a peek into how my fashion style reflects in a living room. I’m a big fan of interior design shows and home decor in general, so when Modani challenged me to infuse my style in a room I was beyond giddy to give this challenge a try. My style has changed so much over the years from wearing vintage and girly pieces to a more minimal and tailored look as I approached my mid-thirties. I was really excited to see what I come up with and to my surprise it was an interior that reflects the new me I’m becoming.

I chose the Black Phantom Sofa as the focal point of my living room board from Modani’s modern sofas collection. Once that piece was selected I could see my vision for the whole room. I went with a modern glam theme with black, silver and white as my main colors. I love the simplicity of those colors, but also the fact that adding fun patterns and sequined pieces can make the whole living room look for more alive. The pieces I selected are below, let me know what you think of my living room design board on the comments.
black floor lamp / white table lamp / charcoal rug / mirror / Paris art print / home pillow / vase / chevron throw pillow / metallic throw pillow / Diptyque candle / love pillows / silver throw pillow / candle / black phantom sofa / silver armchair / suitcases / coffee table /notebook

If you like any of the Modani pieces I featured you can check them out at their modern furniture stores in person or through the virtual tours of each showroom.

Author: Rose Wheeler

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