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Aubrey Lenyard is the founder and creator of Fashionable Notes which designs eco-friendly market bags for Fashionista’s to shop in style. This Atlanta based company makes it fashionable to carry reusable grocery bags.

What is your background in fashion?
I’m a former custom bridal and evening gown designer. For 10 years I owned my own boutique in a trendy area of Atlanta called Midtown and during that time I also designed a line of bridesmaid dresses that sold in bridal shops throughout the Southeast.

What inspired you to jump into green fashion?
After purchasing several re-usable bags, I noticed they were all the same…..plain, boring and average. My design instinct kicked in and I began to think, how fabulous it would be to have re-usable bags that were creative and most importantly, stylish.
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Where do you get your inspiration for your bags?
Fashion trends.

What are people saying about Fashionable Notes?
…..Fashionable Notes bags have become a staple, not only are they for my trips to the market but they are perfect for the beach, yoga class, and getting around the city everyday.

What’s next for your company?
SUMMER FUN! Our upcoming line will include beach bags and beach towels and a line of organic T-shirts bearing our ever-popular Eco-Chic logo.

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