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titanic exhibition
Last weekend the mister and I attended the “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” at the San Diego Natural History Museum. We are both huge history buffs, so we had an amazing time exploring the exhibition, learning together and sharing info back and forth. Needless to say, it was a really great date!

When we first arrived at the exhibition we were given boarding passes with a real passenger’s name and then we found out at the end whether our passenger survived, which ours did!

The idea behind the exhibition is to immerse visitors in the world of Titanic as well as its passengers and the strict social class system of that day. The highlights of the exhibit are the 200 artifacts retrieved from the wreckage of the ship, including delicate perfume bottles, china bearing the logo of the elite White Star Line and many other now-priceless objects. Some of the recreations include a third-class bedroom set against the luxury of a first-class stateroom. It was on that stateroom where I first spotted some gorgeous pointy ankle boots and Edwardian garments layout in a stunning bed. I also really enjoyed seeing actors from The American Rose Theater dressed in Edwardian attire and portraying passengers and crew aboard Titanic, roam Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, interacting with guests and sharing Titanic’s stories.

Every room throughout the exhibit is a new experience, we were fully immersed in the Titanic’s story, as well as quotes and pictures of how the artifacts were removed from the ocean floor and to whom they belonged. We were really captivated by the cold and dark atmosphere in the room displaying the ship’s sinking. As we read the quotes from passengers and last words of crewmembers we could feel the panic erupting and it almost makes you think as if you were on the ship preparing for something horrible to happen.

At the end of the exhibit, a memorial honors those who lost their lives and those who survived the tragedy while showcasing passengers’ stories and their belongings.

Tickets to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition start at $27 and the exhibit runs through Sep. 9 at the Museum. For more information, visit sdnhm.org.

Photo Credit: The American Rose Theater

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