Move and New Office Space…

My new office space and view… I’m really happy and excited to be living and working in the apartment of my dreams….





What have I been up to?

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandon the blogging world or my store. I’ve been going through a big move from one city to another in SoCal. I’m finally move in, but I haven’t unpacked everything yet. The past couple days, I’ve been able to use the Internet only during day for my other job. At night I let my boyfriend used it. We pretty much have been sharing the Internet. Yesterday, we finally got a new router, so things are going to get back to back to normal soon.

I’m in the process of putting my new office space together. I’m going to start decorating it pretty soon. That is the best part for me, because I’ve been running my business from a shared computer room. I can finally have privacy and a lot of fun decorating.Β  The photos above are of my new office, which I like to call Unik Apparel Land πŸ™‚

Happy Evening!

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