Multiple Personality, Birthday and Sickness

multiplepersonalitiesI am sick sick sick still, so b-day plans for today are cancel. I need to rest πŸ™ I’ll be spending my birthday under the covers and watching movies with delicious birthday cake. The good thing about been sick is that it has given me time to slow down and take time away from the computer a bit, which is usually glue to my lap 24/7. I have cut down from 18 hours of work ( I have 3 jobs) to 8 hours this week. I realize that I might need to cut some more things out of my life, if want to have a normal life again and not get sick so much someday.I’m pretty much in reflecting mode at the moment.

However, love the paining above it comes from the Etsy store Multiple Personality. This painting reminds of how I’m feeling today way over my head with work and been sick. At the same time it makes me laugh cause the way I feel right now, my head might as well be detached from my body. I check this Etsy store out today and all the prints are amazing they are either cute or funny. Check it out for yourself at Multiple Personality

Today’s post is short and sweet. I need to rest and probably eat cake. Happy Weekend!


IMAGE BY Multiple Personality

Author: Rose Wheeler

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