My Shaky Returned To Fashion…

I was having a blast last night playing my favorite computer game with my love in my home, when my computer monitor was shacking so much that I thought that my love was kicking my desk to annoyed me. After I yelled at him to stop, he reply by saying I would never do that. To my ignorance it turned out to be my first earthquake experience in SoCal. I have been able to missed all three earthquakes, since I move here. Every time I have confused them with something else. At least, the experiences have been minor. Let’s thank God for that!

Back to fashion. I’m in love with bright color shoes right now, especially pairing them with dresses. As I mention, a couple of blogs ago. I love wearing dresses in the summer. My favorite outfit right now is a print dress and picking the brightest color on the dress as my shoe color of the day. I saw this beautiful shoes above in Fashion Week Daily and search My Favorite Store for some shoe inspiration to show everyone and for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of Pink coming your way!! Enjoy!!

From top left: Fendi, $705; Lanvin, $545; Fendi, $615; Tory Burch, $95; Lanvin, $1,120; Sergio Rossi for Puma, $190; Lanvin, $1,10; Alexander McQueen, $685. All shoes are available at Net-A-Porter.

My favorite are the super chic Purple Pumas. As sporty as they look, they can definitely make any outfit a bit more glam and exciting. I hope everyone had a great Monday! Adios!

[Photo Credit: Fashion Week Daily; Net-A-Porter]

Author: Rose Wheeler

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