My Summer Sleep Essentials

I have a hard time sleeping during the summer, so there are a couple of things I do to make the process much easier.

Summer Sleep Essentials

After finishing my nighttime beauty routine, I like to journal my three favorite things from the day. I keep it positive and light because even on a bad day at least one good thing must come out of it. It’s good to remember that. This little step helps me relax and de-stress from the day.

Next, I read my favorite blogs & sites, get caught up with reading from my industry (I emailed myself things I learned or want to try), pin a few things on Pinterest and read from a real book (business or just for fun) to help me fall asleep. This usually backfires, because I love reading and get super invested in the book.

Besides that, I keep my room cool with a very nice fan that also blocks the noise from the street. I wear comfy pajamas, put on a lavender body lotion and use fresh bedding to wake up refreshed and ready to crush it the next day.

What are your summer sleep essentials? Let me know in the comments.

Author: Rose Wheeler

Hey, I'm Rose! I work with words on a daily basis as a content manager and writer. When I'm not working with my awesome clients, I enjoy cooking, yoga, styling, blogging and curling up with a good book.

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  • I use black out curtains because I sleep better without light. I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea before bed, that works great for helping me drift off to sleep.