Myth Busting with dressbarn: How to Appropriately Wear White After Labor Day


I hate to say it, but September is creeping up on us and with it comes the saying… ‘you can’t wear white after Labor Day.’

However, the style experts at dressbarn say there are several appropriate ways to rock white after Labor Day and are happy to provide helpful tips (opt for off-white/cream-colored outerwear) and tricks (pair white jeans with fall colors and styles for a great transitional look) to turn this supposed ‘don’t’ into a ‘do.’

Whites are still a ‘do’ after Labor Day. Here’s how:

  • Shy away from the summery, head-to-toe white look. Try mixing bold fall colors with one white or off-white piece such white jeans.
  • Fabric is huge factor. Forget linen and tissue-thin fabrics as they are not heavy enough or appropriate for the approaching season. Crisp white shirts, as well as those in off-white and cream are your best bets. Cashmere and other luxe sweater fabrics are also warming whites.
  • Outwear is a great way to keep the summer feeling. Think faux leather, faux fur, cardigans and denim jackets. And when the cold temps hit, winter white puffer jackets. Blend with deeper fall hues to stay in season.
  • Use white as an accent piece to draw attention to an area you are confident with. Think pearls, large white watch and of course, French tip manicures.
  • Put the white shoes back in the box and opt for cream, nude or ones that blend in white such as polka dots or even saddle shoes!

Enjoy the summer brights while you can!

Author: Rose Wheeler

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