New year and a new Unik Apparel!

Deanna Staffo fashion illustrations

Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope everyone had a great holiday and that the new year is going amazing for you. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Vegas with my boyfriend’s family. We had a blast exploring all the hotels, eating, people watching & having a few drinks. It was a very relaxing holiday for us. I hope yours was amazing, too!

As you probably noticed, I took a couple of weeks off blogging, working and pretty much the computer in general. The time off did wonders for my creativity and now I’m full of ideas & excitement to grow my business. Which led to my decision to move to tumblr permanently. As I celebrated Unik Apparel’s three year anniversary four days ago, I keep thinking what should be my next steps for this blog. And what I would love to do is build a big indie fashion community and I think tumblr is the right place for me to grow my blog and my business.

I’ll be working behind the scenes today doing some housekeeping on the blog. Unik Apparel and my email might be unavailable today, while I move the domain & get the site all pretty for you. But, I’ll be back tomorrow with some great indie fashion finds & designers.

P.S. Thank you for all the love, sponsorship, cute emails, support & readership for the past three years!

Image by Deanna Staffo

Author: Rose Wheeler

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