New Year's Eve Fashion Tips – Selecting a Dress for Your Body Type

Whether you’re painting the town in sparkles or hanging out with some friends at home, these fun party dresses will help you say goodbye to the year in style.

Ruched Waist Satin Dress


-Avoid anything that will cling to your lower half. Choose a dress that skims over the lower half of your body, think A-Line.

-A dress that hits only an inch or two above the knee will be most flattering.

-If you want to go print, opt for all-over print in order to balance out your figure.

-Look for a dress with a low cut or embellished neck line, to draw attention upwards, away from your lower half.

Ruched Waist Satin Dress – $49.99


-Choose a fabric that will drape on your body, not cling to it

-Avoid layered dresses that will addunnecessary bulk.

-Fit is key as baggy or ill-fitting dresses will make you look bigger.

-If you want to go glitz, make sure the embellishments are toward the top/neckline, which will draw attention upwards

-Try a wrap dress, or dress that may be cinched at the waist to create definition and a more hourglass shape.

Velvet Dress with Satin Sunburst and Brooch Detail – $39.99

Foil Printed Laser Cut Sheath


-If you’re petite all over, opt for something more form-fitting.

-Avoid dresses that may be too poofy or girlish, making you look younger than you really are.

-Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors or more trendy styles, a small figure can handle it.

-Avoid dresses with large, all-over prints that will overwhelm a petite body.

Foil Printed Laser Cut Sheath – $69.99

Long and Lean:

-Choose a dress that hits right above or directly on the knee for the most flattering length.

-Experiment with fun, flowy fabrics that will add volume and movement to your body.

-Try a dress with side-pockets in order to create some shape to a long, straight figure.

-To create curves, try a waist-cinching belt to any over-sized dress.

One-Shoulder Beaded Dress – $69.99

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