New York Fashion Week Fall 2010: Alice + Olivia

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day weekend. I spend the weekend reading about New York Fashion Week Fall 2010, reading about spring trends and writing a couple articles for local magazines. It was not all about fashion and writing, I also spend time with my love. We went out on a Pre-Valentine’s Day lunch date and cook some nice breakfasts and dinners at home. What did you do on this weekend of love?

Back to fashion, one of my favorite collections so far is Alice + Olivia. Love the colors, how playful the styles are and the volume of the ruffles and the texture on the clothes. I love that the collection is ready to wear. It’s very feminine and chic!

These last two cocktail dresses are a combination of chic, elegant and romantic look. I would love to wear either dress to my next event.

To see the full collection visit What’s your favorite NY Fashion Week Fall 2010 collection?



Author: Rose Wheeler

Hey, I'm Rose! I work with words on a daily basis as a content manager and writer. When I'm not working with my awesome clients, I enjoy cooking, yoga, styling, blogging and curling up with a good book.

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