Obama…What I Love Right Now!!

This look from Haute Look is exactly what I love right now. It’s comfortable, easy to put together and it looks chic. One thing I would add it’s a big hobo silver handbag or maybe a zebra print handbag.

Today was my first time voting in this country. I am not going to lie. I’m an Obama girl. I love the fact that I am a woman, a minority and that I wasn’t born here and I still have the right to vote. How the world have change? I still remember my mom telling me about a time when women were not even able to speak their minds. Here I am in a foreign land full filling my dreams, finding love and happiness. I really like all the encouragement I have received to follow my dreams and open my own boutique. Things that I always wanted it, but never saw potential for it to happen. I got a little personal today, but I’m just thankful for all the opportunities I have gotten in this country. I enjoy inheriting these benefits from people that try to make a difference and accomplish it, so that today a non-American women can exercise her right to vote.


IMAGE BY Haute Look

Author: Rose Wheeler

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