Polar Vortex Survival Guide

With the country under a massive chill, the below are some great goodies to have in your closet for surviving the Polar Vortex in style. Key focus: Boots, Hats, Scarves and Sweaters!

Polar Vortex Survival Guide

1. Spratters & Jayne Popcorn Slouch Hat, $83 www.sprattersandjayne.com | 2. Spratters & Jayne Ultra Chunky Infiniti Chain, $128 www.sprattersandjayne.com | 3. Däv Shearling Zip, $120 www.davrain.com | 4. StyleMint Phillips Sweater, $109.98 www.stylemint.com | 5. Spratters & Jayne Hooded Scarf, $130 www.sprattersandjayne.com | 6. Spratters & Jayne Alpaca Hood Wrap, $450 www.sprattersandjayne.com | 7. Däv English Fur Cuff, $120 www.davrain.com

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