Draw-Wing – Website Copywriting

I wrote and edited website content for a new design agency called, Draw-Wing. I also worked on their slogan and wrote short snippets for their illustrations.

Former Slogan:
Draw-Wing – Where branding outstand

Current Slogan:
Draw-Wing – Where brands take flight

[accordion title=”Old About Page“]
Draw wing is a design and development establishment. Based on the ideology of simplicity, approachability and originality. Simplicity, Draw-Wing believeโ€™s the less the more attractable, memorable thus successful the visual language is.

Approachability, in term of pricing, availability and ease of service provided by Draw Wing.

Originality, is the back bone of creativity and visual problem solving in a unique approach. These are not only considered as an ideology for Draw Wing, yet it is the values in which it exist and will continue to provide to everyone around the globe. Finally, involvement and participation positively to the global community.
[accordion title=”New About Page“]
At Draw-Wing, we are committed to serving the business community with the highest quality web design and development. Simplicity. Approachability. Originality. These are qualities we take seriously and are intrinsic to our work as well as our clients. We are here to inspire, guide, encourage and impress you.

Whether your organization is big or small, we look forward to working with you to make sure that everything about your project goes smoothly. Draw-Wing will always answer all of your questions and give you a service that you are completely happy with.
[accordion title=”Previous Copy for Illustrations:“]
Illustration 1: Prepare for success
Illustration 2: Start different
Illustration 3: Capture emotions
Illustration 4: Get likes
Illustration 5: Super creatives are ready to serve you
[accordion title=”New Copy for Illustrations:“]
Illustration 1: March forward
Illustration 2: Inspire greatness
Illustration 3: Be a catch
Illustration 4: Attract followers
Illustration 5: Super creatives ready to power through