Project Runway Favorite Designers

Project Runway Designers

I’m a huge Project Runway fan. Whenever there is a re-run marathon, I have to watch it until the end. I’m beyond excited it for the premiere on Lifetime tomorrow night. Although, that means that The Real Housewives of Atlanta are going to be left behind for re-runs, because they decide to put both shows at the same time. I’ll try to catch a little bit of NeNe when PR goes into commercials. I must say that Nene looks fabulous this season. If anyone knows how to work it, it is her.

However back to Project Runway, I found this interview in of their Favorite Project Runway Designers and Where Are They Now.  I must say that I agree with a lot of their choices. Read the article here to see their picks.

My favorites Project Runway Designers :

Kara Saun, Jeffrey Sebelia , Christian Siriano, Laura Bennet, Korto Momolu, Leanne Marshall and Rami Kashou. I’m going to stop my list right there or the whole page is going to be full of names. I think there a lot of amazing designers each season.

Don’t forget to that the sixth season of Project Runway premieres on its new network, Lifetime, on Thursday, August 20. There is going to be a two-hour Project Runway: All-Stars event, which is going to debut directly before season six on Lifetime and features eight Project Runway alums who came back for another chance to prove they’re a cut above the rest.

Can’t wait!!!

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