Style Crush: Summer Style

summer style
Happy Tuesday lovelies! It has been awhile since I wrote on this blog. May was a crazy busy month for me. I had to seriously juggle doing tons of client work + my mom visiting(which was the best two weeks ever) and then the mister went on vacation for most of the month of May, which meant really short work days for me and tons of fun hanging out together. Sadly, to be able to hang with my mom and the mister the blog suffered a bit, so did my waistline. I ate so terrible last month. We ate out that entire month way too much! I can wait for yoga, power walks and eating salads all the way to September.

Back to fashion, since I haven’t  done style crush posts for awhile I decided to feature my favorite styles for summer this week. I love comfort and simplicity when getting dressed. Lately, I’m all about pastels, ruffles and girly sandals, so I can see myself wearing similar styles to the ones above for long work days at home, wine tasting with the mister and having a fab time with my girls at brunch.

What are your favorite summer styles?

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