Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin and Hair After Fun in the Sun

I completely understand how the start of summer can bring you waves of excitement, but before you skip out to the beach or park to have fun in the sun, don’t forget to apply sunblock.

I know you’re so eager for a tan that you’ll probably tell yourself it’s the first tanning session of the summer- I’ll just skip the SPF to make sure I get some color. Nope, you’re wrong. You’ll cause your skin more problems, long-term risks than if you’d just always take the necessary pre and post cautions when sunbathing.

After Sun Skincare Tips

If you get sunburn, immediately apply an aloe gel. Look for one whose first ingredient is actual aloe and not water and glycerin- it’ll be more effective. Don’t exfoliate your face after spending too much time in the sun. Use a gentle facial cleanser to remove the dirt, sweat, and grime from the day and apply a rich moisturizer immediately after.

Apply an ultra hydrating face mask the day after tanning; your skin will thank you for it. Bonus points if it’s an overnight mask. Face and body lotions with vitamin E will help skin heal itself from the time in the sun.

After Sun Hair Tips

Hair can’t get sunburned, but your scalp can. While out in the sun the best protection you can do for your hair is to use a hat. Hats aren’t for everyone; in lieu of a hat use a UV guard hairspray before leaving the house.

To prevent further hair damage, rinse hair under a fresh water shower in between dips in the water. Bring your favorite leave-in conditioner with you to apply to hair after rinsing. Immediate hydration is what your hair begs for. Once you’re home after a day at the beach, it’s best to use a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically for after-sun use. Apply a hair mask as well to restore damaged hair.

Happy sunbathing!

Author: Rose Wheeler

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