Two Looks, Two Occasions and You!

Guest blogger Kaki Read, Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker offers some helpful advice on how to wear glasses that you can tailor to your own personal lifestyle and for any occasion. Read on!

Dressing well is the first step in portraying yourself in the way that you would like to be seen. And for someone who loves to control the scene, looking your best is essential. Many women think that dressing for an occasion means buying a whole new outfit. Instead, take a look at these two different occasions and consider how you can dress for either of them.

Casual Day at the Office
casual workwear
If your business is usually business formal but you realized that you could dial it down to something casual for a day, consider what you want to do. Skip the jeans, and instead stick with an outfit that is more professional while still letting you relax. If you want to really rock the casual look, think about choosing a shorter skirt and pairing it with some colorful stockings. Match the stockings to your shirt and leave your skirt and shoes neutral to show off the bold color. Try adding a pair of reading eyeglasses to match the colors of your stockings and your shirt, you’ll have a fantastically matched look that manages to avoid looking too cloying.

Get the look: blouse, skirt, boots, tights, bag, lipstick, glasses, necklace, mug, planner and earrings.

Day at the Library
Day at the Library Look
With so many people returning to school for that extra degree, you’ll find that you are spending more days at the library than you might think! If you want to go for a very studious look without looking as if you have given up the ability to look fashionable, think about choosing a long skirt and pairing it with a lacy camisole or a flowing peasant top. To top off the outfit, think about wearing it with a long thin silk scarf and gladiator sandals. If you want to go for that extra studious look, add a pair of vintage-inspired glasses.

Get the look: camisolefloral skirtsandalsnail polishsilk scarfglassescardiganbook, and earrings.

If you are thinking about choosing a fantastic outfit for your day out on the town, take a moment to learn more about what you can wear. The neutrals in your closet will do very well when you are thinking about how you want to present yourself.

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