Unik Apparel Feature: Heather Allen

The talented and beautiful Stylist Heather Allen, share with us her fashion beginnings and Gossip Girl styling aspirations.

I go into fashion as a student in college. I had always been interested however, I was terrified of the notion of going into such a creative field. Finally, in school at Michigan State University I took a few classes in fashion design, from those classes I was able to put together a bit of a portfolio which got me to Parsons School of Design in New York on a scholarship.

When did you first know that you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

I had always loved fashion, however I do not think I truly believed it could be a profession until my college days.

If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what would you like to be doing?

I have always really loved psychology. I would be a therapist if I did not go into Image Consulting.

Tell us about your fabulous services?

My company Trel Style Consulting offers style advice to individuals and groups alike. My services range from color, facial, and body analysis to special events to speaking engagements.

How would you describe your personal style?

I prefer a sleek streamlined style. My clothes tend to have rather straight lines and fall into the world of timeless pieces. I have many garments that I have purchased years ago that still work today.

Who are your favorite designers? Who would you prefer to work for? Why?

I have a few my favorites include Chanel, Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler, and Narciso Rodriguez to name a few.

I would love to work under the Proenza Schouler group they have beautiful tailoring and are some of the best designers I have ever seen in my life.

Are there any special projects you would like to work on?

I would love to style for a show like Gossip Girl.

Which magazines do you read? Which magazine is your favorite?

I read all magazines ranging from Vogue to Bazaar to US Weekly to Elle, and Marie Claire.

What do you see in the stores that you think is really great?

I love some of the nude colors this year. I especially love nude colored heels they make my legs look so much longer

What motivates you?

I am truly motivated by good style. I love to see new designs and how they work with peoples shapes. This is truly a unique and innovative field. I love having the power to help people see themselves in a different light.

What’s next for you?

I am continuing to develop my business working with new and exciting clients. I hope to take on additional speaking engagements and begin shopping tours throughout the Las Vegas area.

Thank you for sharing with us Heather!

Author: Rose Wheeler

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