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As a special treat in the blog, today we have the interview we did with the Image Architect, Sandy Dumont. Please visit Sandy’s website for great image tips and if you would like to learned more about her image consulting and coaching services.

Remember to download Sandy’s no cost eBook Tattle Tale Looks at www.theimagearchitect.com

Sandy’s Bio:

• International leader in the field of color and image, with 30 years experience
• Pioneer in the field of image psychology and impression strategies
• Lectured and coached throughout Europe, recognized there as a leader in image development
• Unique background in fashion education, art and psychology
• Graduate of John Robert Powers Fashion & Finishing School, Washington, DC
• Former faculty member of The Barbizon (fashion) School, Washington, DC
• Image consultant for the Belgian State Television (BRT – Belgian Radio & Television)
• Author of four e-books on subject of Image
• Produced series of “Impression Strategies” DVDs
• Monthly columnist for numerous publications in Virginia
• Publishes a monthly e-Newsletter
• Featured regularly on radio, TV and in print
• Quoted regularly in the press as an image expert

How did you get into fashion? Tell me how and when everything started.

I didn’t grow up thinking I would be an image role model to other people. When I was a teenager, being a top fashion model and internationally-known image consultant seemed unlikely, since I was a shy introvert. When I was 17 I got a red dress for graduation, and I had an epiphany. That red dress enabled me to get a glimpse of the Sandy I was to be. The real me. From that moment on, I knew I would never be a grey mouse again. I scoured the pages of Glamour magazine and taught myself how to do makeup, and I used my hard-earned babysitting money to get a decent haircut. And, of course, I wore red all the time. For the first time in my life, people told me I was pretty. I took the courage to move to Washington, DC and enroll in a two-year fashion school, and even before graduating, I began getting modeling assignments. I became one of the top models in Washington, and it all began with a red dress.

When did you first know that you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

The moment I saw myself in that red dress. I was transformed. The way I felt on the inside changed. I was a new person. I never looked back. I was just lucky to have been born tall and thin – something I hated in high school – but I discovered it was the signature of all fashion models. As a lifelong student of art and color, I soon found that these were skills that enabled me to be a top image consultant. I was able to combine my love of fashion and art into a wonderful career.

If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what would you like to be doing?

I would paint all day long. I’m wild about the French Impressionists and would paint in that style.

Tell us about your fabulous services.

I offer everything from one-on-one image coaching, online image coaching, webinars, to eBooks that are comprehensive guides to image from head-to-toe. You can find everything I offer on my website. There are products for both men and women.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t follow “trends” in fashion. A lot of my clients would tell you that I set trends. It is better to be “eternally stylish” than “in style.” Too many designers make garments that don’t flatter women. We need to respect our wonderful hourglass shape whether we are size two or twenty-two. Yves St. Laurent has always been my favorite designer, because he never made women look silly or unattractive.

If you had a choice of all designers in the world, who would you prefer to work for? Why?

Sadly, St. Laurent passed away last year. My choice would be a young designer who loves color and hourglass shapes.

Are there any special projects you would like to work on?

Well I have had politicians, celebrities, and executives as clients; I would really like to have Michelle Obama as a client. She started out listening to her instincts and dressing in beautiful jewel tones which made her glow. I think the advice she is getting from advisors now has violated her natural beauty.

Which magazines do you read? Which magazine is your favorite?

I get them all, since I have to stay current with what is going on in fashion. Two of my favorites are More and Allure.

What do you see in the stores that you think is really great?

I love to see beautifully-tailored jackets that go with everything from jeans to skirts and pants. Doorknocker earrings tickle my fancy always, and I collect wonderful brooches. I’d love to have a real Chanel “white camellia” brooch, but they are $500, so it’s not in the cards.

What motivates you?

My clients. It is so rewarding to see a person blossom before your eyes. I learned with my red dress that when you change the way you look on the outside, people treat you differently. Then you change on the inside. I’ve been helping people do this for years, and it is exhilarating!

What’s next for you?

I’m writing a book tentatively titled “Powerful Women Don’t Wear Pink”. It’s rather like the culmination of my life’s work with women. I love helping men, too; but I especially like helping women level the playing field in business with men.

Remember to download Sandy’s no cost eBook Tattle Tale Looks at www.theimagearchitect.com

A warm thank you to Sandy for taking the time to talk to us!

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