Unik Fit: Get the Booty and Thighs of your Dreams

Below are some timeless exercise moves that will help create a shapely derrière and awesome thighs.

Weighted jump squats

Jump Squat

This can be used with leg weights that can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The weights vary so you may want to increase the weight as you become more advanced or if you are seeking more of a challenge.

Jumping lunge

This is moderately difficult but so worth it! To learn how to perfect this move click here.

Donkey kick

This is one of my favorite moves and by adding a resistance band you can increase the intensity of the workout, trust me you will feel it the next day.

Supine-Single Leg Bridge

Click here to see how to perform this exercise.

Curtsy lunge

I like to do this lunge for a minute as part of my interval training.

Weighted Leg Lift

This can be performed with or without weights, view this video to see how it’s performed.

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Nadia Murdock is a PR Guru and the CEO of Manchester Public Relations and a writer for the NY Fitness Examiner.

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