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Lauryn EvartsWhen I stumbled upon The Skinny Confidential, I immediately fell in-love with the easy DIY recipes and tips on how to stay healthy. Continue reading to learn more about Lauryn Evarts the founder and creator, I am sure you will find her tips ingenious!

Your career did not begin within the fitness/health industry, what made you redirect your career goals and create The Skinny Confidential?
I knew I never wanted to work in the corporate world. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I went to school for theatre, film and television, thinking I wanted to get into the TV broadcasting. I got my real estate license. I worked in the restaurant industry. I was creatively bored. I had an epiphany one day and realized I wanted to be my own boss. Since I came to this realization, I have never been happier. To wake up in themorning and dictate my own schedule is liberating. It is such a creative outlet. Fitness has always been such a priority in my life because of the way it makes me feel. I take an hour to myself, sweat and reflect. It’s awesome to be able to share tips, tricks and recipes with people who share the same interests.

In addition to The Skinny Confidential you also teach Pure Barre; I have yet to try this class, what makes this a dynamic workout?
This workout is ideal for all women because it lengthens and leans the muscle, rather than adding bulk. I takethe workout two to three times a week and teach it four times a week. The women who take the class understand the smaller the movement the better. It’s different than any other workout because it’s mainly isometrics, which work the muscles that are not normally worked.

What is the FitFluential and how did you discover it? What do you love most about being an ambassador?
They came to me and I jumped on board immediately. FitFluential is wonderful because it’s inspiring to be surrounded by a group of people who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. They’re all excited about being healthy- I love the energy and enthusiasm towards fitness!

One of things that you do is explore Southern California’s healthiest restaurant picks and fitness destinations. Have you ever thought about taking this on the road and helping other states pin point what they maybe missing out on?
Yes, as my business grows I will be able to travel more and explore more destinations. I am fully ready help people who are busy and/or uninformed with quick tips and tricks for delicious recipes with half the calories. My business is about a lifestyle- it’s not a diet. There are so many amazing choices out there, fitness-wise and food-wise. If you find a workout you love, it’s easy to wake up every morning and do it. It becomes a routine. If you train yourself to eat healthy and organic, that too becomes a routine. It’s a lot more attainable than people would imagine.

What’s your number trick or tip for staying full and not over eating?
Water is number one. I drink my body ounces in water every day. I love tea. For orange juice in the morning, I fill half a cup with juice and the other half with sparkling water. I balance out what I eat. If I am eating pizza, then I am not having dessert. If I have dessert, then dinner is a salad with protein. If I am drinking a beer, then I eat a light dinner. It’s automatic. Also, I try to stay away from sugar as often as possible.

What’s next for The Skinny?
My online store just launched- that’s been an exciting endeavor. I am doing a monthly collaboration with Healthy Bitch Daily (run by the creator of Skinny Bitch). I plan on creating a Skinny Empire- books, DVD’s, the works. My goal is to help people make smart choices regarding food and fitness in a fun, light-hearted, girly, colorful way!

 For more information visit: The Skinny Confidential

Nadia Murdock is a PR Guru and the CEO of Manchester Public Relations and a writer for the NY Fitness Examiner.

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