Unik Fit: Interviews Kelly Dooley of BodyRock

How has the public responded to BodyRock Sport?

Overall, the public has responded to BodyRock Sport very positively, especially women who (A) prioritize fitness and (B) are looking for something different. The most avid consumers are serious athletes–anyone from triathletes and marathoners to cheerleaders and dancers. BodyRock represents a new niche in the fitness industry, so some women absolutely love the product while others don’t quite understand the purpose of BodyRock. But the objective is very simple: to encourage women to look and feel good while they’re working out and while they’re out and about all day. For women whose lives revolve around fitness, BodyRock not only makes sense but also enables them to spice up their workout wardrobes. I can spot my customers from a mile away–they’re polished, savvy, bold, fit and confident, and they have that swagger that so many other women lack.

Speaking from first hand experience a good sports bra is hard to find. What makes your brand stand out against all the others?

I started BodyRock because I could never find a sports bra that I loved. Now, I have a whole collection. What makes BodyRock special is that functionality has not been compromised in the name of fashion. These bras are sexy, but they’re also well-designed in that they take women’s needs into consideration–i.e. zippered compartments, side zips for easy removal, extra wide elastic for ample support, etc. Most of the functional sports bras in the market are really unattractive. Also, BodyRock is very wearable outside of the gym. Many of the designs look really chic and sexy under a sweater, v-neck top or dress, for example. Additionally, the bedazzled necklines add some punch to an outfit without making women feel uncomfortable or look ridiculous.

I like the idea that your tops and bras can be worn outside the gym, any plans on expanding your line?

Yes, my next collection will have shorts, running skirts, capri pants, jackets, headbands, wristbands, etc. I am really excited! We have an amazing collection in the works.

In your bio it states that you’re an active fashionista, which one of your bras works best for you?

The best bra for me in terms of overall aesthetic and functionality is The Maria from the Lock ’em Down collection. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the side zip and it’s nice being able to use the front pocket for both my ipod and money. And hot pink is my signature color, so I love the pattern. However, The Kendra is also perfect for me. I ran the Maui marathon in The Kendra, three months before BodyRock launched, and the bra served me well–I stored an extra ipod in the front pocket and motrin, and with the 2-inch elastic band, I was well-supported for the entire race.

Besides running what other ways do you like to do to stay fit?

In addition to running, I am on a triathlon team at Chelsea Piers, which is coached by Andrew Kalley, an elite triathlete and personal trainer. I run 4-5 days per week, swim 3 times per week and cycle 2-3 times per week. I love the stair mill and pilates as well. I also just registered for a pole dancing class at S Factor, which I am really excited about. Sundays are typically my day off, but once the weather gets better, I’ll be spending more time cycling outdoors.

What plans do you have for Body Rock in 2010?

2010 is an exciting year for BodyRock Sport. Our plan is to permeate the California, New York, Florida and Texas markets. We’ll also be rolling out more limited edition designs in June. We’ll be participating in all types of events, from trade shows and fundraising events to running expos and pole dancing competitions. Stay tuned, BodyRock Sport is going to be everywhere!

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