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Lichi Super Fruit

Lichi Super Fruit is a proprietary blend of 17 natural, weight-loss promoting ingredients that work synergistically to aid in healthy weight maintenance. Lichi Super Fruit’s multi-pronged approach, naturally addresses the factors that contribute to weight maintenance.

Derived from the incredible, antioxidant rich super fruit lychee,  praised for its superb health promoting attributes, the Lichi Super Fruit family of products, seeks to offer people a healthy supplement option, that not only aids in managing weight, but also helps to restore the bodies natural balance, and help to improve overall health.

The entire Family of Lichi Super Fruit products features Litchi Chinensis as the chief ingredient. The second most potent polyphenol-rich food in the world, lychee delivers extraordinary benefits.

To find out about the Lichi Super Fruit Herbal Dietary supplement, the Lichi Super Fruit Probiotic, and the Lichi Super Fruit Total Body Detox, click on each of the products below.

To learn more visit their home page.

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