Unik Fit: Punk Rope

1. What is Punk Rope?
A playful cross between recess and boot camp, Punk Rope is a theme-driven, interval-style, song-based class, which incorporates creative calisthenics, games, partner drills, and rope jumping. The emphasis is both on fun and delivering an effective total body workout. Fitnesswise, the focus is on improving aerobic conditioning, anaerobic conditioning, coordination, and agility. Healthwise, the big benefits are improved body composition and bone density.

2. When was Punk Rope created?
I taught the first Punk Rope class at New York University in October 2004. There are now roughly 40 classes offered in 14 states.

3. What makes Punk Rope different from all the other workouts out there?
There are six qualities, which make Punk Rope different from other fitness classes:
1) To my knowledge, Punk Rope is the only play-centered class available. Sure, it’s a great workout, but it’s also hilarious and puts a smile on the face of the participants.
2) Punk Rope is highly interactive. Participants frequently work as part of small teams running relays, playing games, or performing group drills.
3) The music is extremely eclectic, ranging from punk rock to jazz to classical to zydeco to hip hop and beyond.
4) Classes are theme-driven celebrating everything from the Super Bowl to St. Patrick’s Day to the Seventies.
5) Punk Rope incorporates five intervals of rope jumping or roughly 12-13 minutes. Rope jumping is one of the most effective, but also one of the most misunderstood cardio modalities known to man. Punk Rope makes it fun and accessible to everybody.
6) Punk Rope welcomes students of all ages and fitness levels. We’ve had students as young as 3. We’ve also had students who have never taken a fitness class or been in a gym as well as those who are highly conditioned athletes. Moms come with daughters and fathers with sons. How often do you see that in a typical fitness class?

4.Who should take this class?
Everybody. Seriously. Unless the individual has an orthopedic or health issue that prevents them from jumping or doing other intense activities, this class, because it’s self-paced, is suitable for everybody. The rope jumping portion might be frustrating for some, but they can always put their ropes down and still get a good workout.

5. Where are your classes taught in the NYC area?
All the classes are listed at www.punkrope.com (click Find a Class).

6. Lastly, is this class fun?
I can’t see how you can possibly have more fun while exercising than going to a Punk Rope class. I’ve been going to the gym for roughly 34 years and I’ve never seen more people smile and laugh during a workout than they do in Punk Rope. It’s playful, it’s goofy, it’s all the things you wanted in a gym class when you were a kid.

Suggested media clips:
MSN/Kashi: http://vimeo.com/5977664
NBC Mobile: http://vimeo.com/4067248
Punk Rope in Action: http://vimeo.com/672544

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Nadia Murdock is a PR Guru and the CEO of Manchester Public Relations and a writer for the NY Fitness Examiner.

Video by www.punkrope.com

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